Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Pippa Evans

The funny, talented Pippa Evans certainly keeps busy. She is a lynchpin of the Showstoppers team, she co-founded Sunday Assembly and she is the creator of booze-sodden singer Loretta Maine. She also works with improv legend Josie Lawrence in the Glenda J Collective. I ought to declare an interest here. I once gave Evans a broken iron to use as a prop in a show. At least that is what she told me she wanted it for. I have no idea what she did with it but I'm sure it was awesome. 


1. What is the last thing you do before you go onstage (apart from check your flies and/or check your knickers aren't sticking out of your skirt and check for spinach between your teeth )?

Try and say my entire set at lightning speed in my head.   

2. What irritates you?

In life? People leaving rubbish on the Tube. It’s not a fucking bin. 

3. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

The Showstoppers got stuck in Hong Kong in 2010, when that volcano erupted and the massive ash cloud meant no one could fly anywhere. We were told we wouldn’t be going home for a month, so we did what any sane theatre folk would do and took advantage of the $19-all-you-can-drink wine offer being promoted at the hotel.  The swimming pool was closed, but as a result of alcohol-induced courage, I scaled a massive wall and jumped from a great height into said pool. I woke up covered in scratches and bruises. If I’d fallen, I would have broken my back. But I didn’t, so what does that tell you about danger? It’s fun!


4. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

Well, it’s probably the same as above, isn’t it. But if this was a self-help book, we’d use the wall scaling to illustrate that fear holds us back and what seems stupid is, in fact, the wisest thing you could have done. #BeMoreStupid


5. What has surprised you the most during your career in comedy?

How much it’s just about keeping going. When I read that back, it sounds defeatist or something, but you just keep plodding along, doing your thing and it makes for a much less stressful time than when you first start and are trying to ACHIEVE THINGS and GET NOTICED. That doesn’t mean you stop trying, but you stop worrying about it. Does that make any sense? Is anyone still reading this?

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