News: Harry Hill Needs You For His New TV Show

Harry Hill’s brand new TV concept The Remote Controller is to give viewers the chance to show that they can do better than TV executives.

The public is being invited to pitch their ideas for a new TV show looking at the best, worst and plain craziest ideas Britain has for the small screen.

The show will see Hill scour the brains of Britain for ideas to be put in front of his panel of industry experts. Whether a new game show, sitcom, talent show, period drama, reality or music show, all ideas are welcome, and those selected have the chance to be featured in The Remote Controller pilot in 2017, pitching their idea to the judges.

Before submitting your idea, applicants are invited to consider the following question:

·      Who is the idea aimed at?

·      For which channel?

·      Who would present it?

·      What are the prizes?

·      What makes it different?

·      How much would it cost to make?

 Submissions of no more than 500 words should be made by visiting, and the deadline to submit is midnight on 28/02/2017. Full terms and conditions are available here.



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