News: Taskmaster Gets Two More Series

Dave's comedy show Taskmaster is to return for a fourth and fifth series. Each series will increase from five to eight episodes following the success of previous runs. The series was 2015’s most watched commission on UKTV Play.

Hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne will judge five new unwitting comedians as they compete against each other with creativity, cunning and genius in a series of stupefying tasks. Series one was won by Josh WiddicombeKatherine Ryan took home the series two crown and series three starts this Tuesday.  

Alex Horne, executive producer and creator of Taskmaster, and the Taskmaster’s assistant said, “As the Taskmaster's personal secretary and trainer I have been instructed to state that we're both satisfied that a total of ten apparently intelligent comedians will be doing more stupid things stupidly for Mr Davies. The Taskmaster has even bought me a caravan so this time I will be constantly on site to watch the desperate attempts and report back, before he ignores me and judges them.”

Steve North, Dave general manager, added, "Taskmaster just keeps getting bigger and better, I look forward to seeing what fresh hell Greg and Alex bring to the new unsuspecting contestants. It's fantastic that we have built a show on Dave which has generated such a brilliant fanbase and viewers are genuinely excited to see what tasks Alex Horne’s genius mind comes up with every episode."

Watch a trailer for Series Three here.


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