Preview: Ten Must See Edinburgh Fringe Shows I Still Need To See

It must be a good Fringe, my list of must-see shows is now longer than it was when I arrived. Here’s a run down of shows I’m still determined to find the time to see. In, I should add, no particular order.


Mr Swallow - Houdini

It is only a matter of time before Nick Mohammed’s squeaky, power-crazed creation Mr Swallow becomes a national treasure. He follows up his Dracula musical with a tribute to Houdini that is three or four shows in one - character comedy, song-and-dance spectacular, history lesson and genuine breathtaking magic. 

Until Aug 28 at Pleasance Courtyard. Tickets here.


Seymour Mace

The northern surrealist has been around for years but was finally noticed by judges and critics with his show last year which included one of the best interactive stunts I’ve ever seen on the Fringe. Can he top the show and the stunt this year? I’ve certainly heard good things about the show if not the stunt.

Until Aug 28 at The Stand. Tickets here.


Zach & Viggo

It’s about time a new clown broke through to follow the likes of Dr Brown, Steen Raskopoulos and Spencer Jones and this year the buzz is all about double act Zach and Viggo. Are their Gaulier trained? Of course they are. It’s compulsory isn’t it?

Until Aug 28 at Underbelly. Tickets here


Sarah Kendall 

Kendall has had two Edinburgh careers. A decade ago she was a great stand-up then she took a break and has now returned as a great storyteller. Still very funny but with much more depth and emotion. Her latest show, Shaken, recalls a seismic incident that happened as a teenager in smalltown Australia. Review here.

Until Aug 28 at Assembly George Square. Tickets here.


Sofie Hagen

Beyond The Joke’s guest critic Claire Smith has been raving about this show and she is not the only one. 2015’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer is charming and candid and just seems to get better every year. Review here.

Until Aug 28 at Liquid Room. Info here.

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