News: Two New Awards For Edinburgh Fringe

Two new awards have been annnounced for this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Comedian Will Franken is launching the Defining The Norm Awards. Shows will be judged by Franken and his team for "conformity to industry standards, marketable status, adherence to shared political opinion, and audience pandering. Special categories for shows consisting of safe targets, stifled free speech, and lack of original or perceptive messages will also be recognised, in addition to most marketably correct and expensive flyer and poster combination. If you feel you have a show that is uniform, systematic, and average, you could be a winner." Winners in various categories will receive a framed award in a ceremony to be held in late August. Stay tuned for entry info.

Elsewhere Edimbrugh Fringe Dog, the festival's only canine critic, is launching The Terrier Awards. Cat-egories are as follows (their spelling):

1. best smelling flyer

2. best walkin around on the stage

3. best cross speces apeal

4. best spirit of nice happiness

5. best o boy o boy 

6. best drinkin of a pint while doing talkin

7. best sweating

8. best visual efects in power point presentation

9. best squirrel



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