Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Mark Watson

I’m not quite sure why Mark Watson isn’t a bigger star. He is a classic, nervy, neurotic stand-up enraged by life's little things and also a master improvisor who is great at spontaneous crowd banter, sometimes doing it while standing in the crowd himself. Watson does like to shake things up a bit in his live shows. Apart from his now legendary marathon sets, he often pops up in the stalls. It’s not intimidating or the kind of thing to make your bum going all tight when he approaches. Watson is friendly and welcoming. You kind of want to take him home with you. This is not a warm-up show, but the way, this is Watson’s ongoing touring show, I’m Not There. It’s inspired by a minor problem Watson had at an airport and tackles the nature of identity in the digital age. Blur once said Modern Life Is Rubbish, Mark Watson says Modern Life is Exasperating. 

Mark Watson is at Shanklin Theatre tonight, tickets here & the Pleasance August 3 - 28, tickets here. Tour dates here.




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