Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Spencer Jones

I will be honest. The first time I saw Spencer Jones I didn’t get it. He was in the New Act of the Year final and I thought he must be a mate of the promoter or just someone who had wandered in from the pub next door, pausing only to put on a pair of stupid white tights. The second time I saw him it was at a Malcolm Hardee tribute gig. He did pretty much the same slapstickish, childlike set, mucking around with props, hardly saying a word, but it suddenly made sense. He really is a gifted clown with genuine funny bones. And since then other people have got it too. Jones was one of the hits of 2015’s Fringe. His new show, Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert in Eggy Bagel, is eagerly anticipated even though all we know about it is that it is a “mash-up of visual comedy, strange music, props and characters. A story about wheelbarrows, dads, evil water and eating too much chocolate.” Sounds good. And if the face is familiar that's because Jones played Gervais-alike Will Kempe in Upstart Crow.

Spencer Jones is at The Hive from Aug 4 - 28, info here.




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