Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Adam Hess

I think I laughed more when I was at the Edinburgh show by Adam Hess than at any show last summer. I have to qualify that, however, by saying that I couldn’t remember many of the actual jokes afterwards, but that was because they flew around the room at such a fast and furious pace that I was still chuckling at one punchline when the next one hit me. He more than deserved his Best Newcomer nomination. I do remember that there was a lot about his childhood, something about nosebleeds and something else about hiding under a bed. There is a playful, childlike streak to Hess. He felt a bit like a boy trapped in a man’s body last year. You can get a taste of his humour by following him on Twitter, but I advise you to see him live. This is his second show and it will be intriguing to see how he follows his debut. It is called Feathers. I'm hoping to be tickled. 

Adam Hess is at The Hive from August 5 - 28, tickets here.



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