Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Seymour Mace

Sometimes overnight success takes years. Seymour Mace has been bouncing around on the comedy circuit for well over a decade now, but it was only last year that he picked up an Edinburgh Comedy Award for a show that tied together all the madness of his previous outings in one neat package. There was stand-up, a game show element and props that evoked the childlike, anarchic, freeform spirit of Vic Reeves Big Night. Like Vic & Bob and Ross Noble, Mace channels a distinctly north-eastern brand of hobnail-booted surrealism. You never quite know what is coming next but it is usually pretty funny. This year's Edinburgh show has the typically modest title of Shit Title. Mace is not giving much away except that he has "a miniature Christmas village, can’t think what to do with that though." Last year's show included a brilliant interactive element which involved him shouting out the window of the venue at strangers. Here's hoping he can top that this year

Seymour Mace is at The Stand from Aug 4 - 28, tickets here.




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