News: Johnny Vegas On Drive And His Genitals

Johnny Vegas has spoken about learning to be a banger racer for ITV1's new series Drive.

Vegas was appearing on The One Show and explained how while the competitors were all friends off the track, once they were in their cars their ruthless streak came out. At one point Vegas shunted Angus Deayton off the track but was then distracted and didn't notice an approaching wall. He felt his ribcage move on impact. Not surprisingly there was a lot of testosterone-fuelled swearing: "I hope they've bleeped all the effing and jeffing."

Banger car racing was just one of the numerous challenges the stars faced during the series, which is hosted by Vernon Kay.

Vegas also revealed that all the people taking part had heart monitors attached so that observers could see how fast their heart was pumping. Unfortunately Vegas' monitor slipped off his chest and ended up on his genitals. "I dunno what reading they got from me but it definitely wasn't my heart rate."

Also appearing in the show are Louis Walsh, Ella Eyre, Professor Green, Mariella Frostrup, Laura Tobin and Colin Jackson.

Drive, ITV1, 9pm, from Tuesday April 5.


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