News: Fee-Free Crowdfunding Scheme for the Edinburgh Fringe

A new crowdfunding platform specially for Edinburgh Fringe shows is to be launched in April. claims to have all the best features of Kickstarter and Indiegogo but without their 5% service fee. Its founders say it is the first and only crowdfunding platform in the world to charge 0% service fee. There are some costs though. Fringe Funder uses Stripe for payment processing who take 3%.

Fringe Funder is founded by comedy writer/producer Daniel Berg, who first attended the Fringe in 2001. It has all the familiar features of other crowdfunding platforms, including campaign management tools, backer-only updates and a choice of funding types: 

  • ‘Keep what you raise’ - where all money is kept no matter what.
  • ‘All or nothing’ - where the target must be met to receive funds.
Fringe Funder's aim is to support the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and never charge a service fee. It’s currently looking into non-profit status and sponsorship for 2017. They claim for a typical £5000 campaign, Fringe Funder could save people over £300, as illustrated in this comparison table.
There are three shows already on board that people can pledge money for in return for great rewards: 


  • ‘They Built It. No One Came.’ by Fledgling Theatre
  • ‘Epic Love and Pop Songs' by Phoebe Eclair-Powell and directed by Jamie Jackson
  • 'Exactly Like You’ by Joe Brown and Matt Whayman
For a limited time, new campaigns can also receive a free video and one-to-one help setting up their projects. launches on April 7. 




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