Online Review: Matt Berry Does...Happy New You, BBC iPlayer

And so Matt Berry starts 2016 in typically vociferous style with his, sob, final Matt Berry Does…And appropriately he is looking at seasonal excess in Happy New You as the nation lets out an almighty collective belch having stuffed our faces to celebrate the Lord Jesus “Ukaaay Style.”

This give Berry and co-writer Bob Mortimer a great chance to riff over clippage of animals behaving curiously. Highlights include a spikey puffer fish all puffed up, an ape falling off a crate and a helpless hedgehog on its back. There’s also a plump crocodile and a pigeon called Sebastian Fatwood. 

And if you listen carefully I think that’s Bob Mortimer voicing a particularly bulbous cat trying to squeeze through a cat flap.

So do we detox or keep stuffing our faces for the Ukaaay? Well what do you think Berry wants us to do? It all ends on a nice song. Imagine the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band fronted by Bryan Ferry.

Watch Matt Berry Does...Happy New You here.


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