Online Review: Matt Berry Does...Ghosts, BBC iPlayer

Matt Berry Does...Ghosts

The latest short online micro-comedy from fruity-voiced Matt Berry takes its inspiration from Halloween. “UK ghosts are real and they are here to stay…they make you shit yourself,” Berry explains at the outset.

But then he tosses in a curveball. It transpires that most ghosts, the ones who don’t live inside bears and white dogs, actually live in the sea. This gives our narrator a chance to take the right royal piss out of underwater creatures, explaining that all sorts of exotic wobbly jellyfish have names such as “Agent Eyeball” and “The Shouty Kenneths”.

What we discover is that these creatures occasionally pop up on land and scare the living shits out of humans and animals – cue footage of twats falling off bikes and cats falling off tables. 

It’s a pretty simple affair, but a very effective one, thanks to Berry’s eccentric vocal delivery and a frankly nutty script co-written by Bob Mortimer. Never mind the shouty Kenneths, it’s shouty Matt that this fun-sized series is all about. I can't think of a better way to waste five minutes of my life

Available on BBC iPlayer here.


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