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gut week

Comedian Mark Watson is doing a secret gig in a toilet. And you could join him. 

To celebrate the seventeenth annual Gut Week (31 August – 6 September), Watson is performing a set in the toilets of the London Wonderground on the South Bank on Tuesday 1 September at 11am. He is gigging there to highlight the importance of breaking the ‘Poo Taboo’. 

There are limited spaces, but fans can apply for tickets via email at [email protected]. If successful, they will be treated to some giggles in the cubicles from Watson, who had penned a short set on the perils of the embarrassment and reluctance around digestive health and its symptoms.

The gig is part of Gut Week’s goal to encourage people to be more open in terms of thinking and talking about their digestive health, symptoms and toilet activity, one of the earliest indicators of a condition developing.

For further information on Gut Week (31st August – 6th September) visit


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