Edinburgh Preview: David Mills

David Mills

I was one of the judges when David Mills won the New Act of the Year in 2011 when the competition moved from the Hackney Empire to the Barbican. I suspect it was a pretty unanimous decision. He had confidence and style that put him head and shoulders above the others. He was also the best-dressed. That wasn’t the clincher though. It was his well-delivered, finely honed, waspish routines that won it, barbed but never over-bitchy. I’d seen Mills before as a sidekick to Scott Capurro, but here he came into his own. Since then this American now living in East London has been honing his skills. He has been compared to Joan Rivers, but while his tongue might be as sharp as hers he is not anywhere near as mean. There seems to be heart to Mills where Rivers had a shard of ice. In his latest show Don't Get Any Ideas he takes a pop at politicians, ISIS and “hanging by a thread” in the UK. Let’s hope this barstool banter merchant hangs around a bit longer.

David Mills is at Aces & Eight tonight, tickets here, and at Voodoo Rooms, Aug 8 – 30, info here.


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