Edinburgh Preview: Harry Deansway

Harry Deansway

Harry Deansway’s place in British comedy history is assured. He is one of those noble idiots who has attempted to make a success out of publishing a comedy magazine. The Fix was a regular fixture on the stand-up circuit's tables for a few years. Irreverent, informative and surprisingly well put together. But inevitably, like all glossy comedy magazines before it it, erm, folded and Deansway lost a packet, notching up debts in the region of £30,000. This is one of the stories he is going to be telling in the autobiographical An Audience With Harry Deansway. His career as a stand-up has also had its low points. He might be a walking disaster magnet, but you’ve got to admire his perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds. Deansway’s latest wheeze is to invite via social media people who have shared good or bad comedy-related experiences with him to introduce his show. Judging by his Facebook page there is no shortage of volunteers.

Harry Deansway is at Aces & Eights tonight, tickets here, and at Just The Tonic at The Tron from Aug 6 - 29, tickets here


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