News: Johnny Vegas Biopic in Pipeline

Johnny Vegas

A movie version of Johnny Vegas's best-selling autobiography Being Johnny Vegas is being developed.

The film, which Vegas is hoping to direct himself, will chart the comedian's early life when he briefly considered joining the priesthood. Vegas would not be able to play himself and the project has not reached the casting stage yet, but speaking at the Sky Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny the Benidorm star joked that they would have to find someone young who "drank cider" and "fought geese". 

Vegas was taking part in a question and answer session following the exclusive screening of three new Sky Arts comedies to be transmitted in the autumn, Ruby Robinson by Mike Wozniak and starring Kim Catrall, Rotters, starring Sam Simmons and Phil Burgers, and Brilliantman!, written by Kevin Eldon and co-starring Vegas as Mrs Wardle, the landlady of Eldon's character.

Vegas also talked about dressing as a woman onscreen in Brilliantman! and said he was worried about making her too much like Susan Boyle or Mrs Brown. The haircut was crucial, he said, and in the end he concluded that she had had her hair done 30 years ago and had never done anything to it since.


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