News: Stewart Lee Turns DJ

Stewart Lee

Comedian Stewart Lee stood in for Stuart Maconie and presented the BBC6 programme Freak Zone last night. During the show Lee played tracks by some of his favourite bands including Midlands post-punk outfit The Nightingales, prog-rockers Henry Cow and jazz legend John Coltrane.

He played tracks from two bands he enthused about recently in an article in the Observer – Fibre Book Troll by The Fall and Tiswaz by Sleaford Mods. He chatted about the fact that on his way to the studio it was a bit awkward because he had been spotting people he had been rude about in the past. He said, for instance, that he bumped into Russell Brand, who he has done routines about, in the reception and "it was quite scary, then he was polite to me, very disarmingly to be honest, which was embarrassing."

He also aired a number of tracks with a comedy side to them, including Ted Chippington's rebooted version of Alvin Stardust's I Feel Like Buddy Holly and spoof new romantic Gary Le Strange's Numanesque All I Ever Do Is Sit In My Room. Lee said during the broadcast that he would not have become a comedian if he had not seen Black Country comic Ted Chippington supporting The Fall in 1984.

Listen to the show here.


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