Latitude 2021 Review – Glenn Moore

Latitude 2021 – Glenn Moore

Well do you want original content or not? This was the best picture I could get of Glenn Moore as I'd moved out of the main comedy arena due to the build up of crowds. People weren't as close to each other as they might have been in previous years but despite the respect for space at this full-capacity test event I decided I'd rather not take the risk over an extended period. Let's hope Latitude is more like a Fringe Festival and less like a Ping Festival.

The picture might be a bit blurred but Moore – the token cis white male heterosexual on the Saturday afternoon as far as I could tell – was perfectly focussed. The former newsreader has developed a pretty unique style that mixes Tim Vine-style one-liners and often-ingenious wordplay and longer stories where he is regularly the butt of the joke.

Moore is a master of the call-back. He is also really good at leading listeners in one direction before pulling the rug and taking them in another. The only trouble is that he does it so well so often you almost start to expect a twist even when one isn't coming.

There was a bit of a narrative strand here about relationships, schooldays and Moore's aforementioned job as a newsreader where balance was always important, but the emphasis was always on laughs and gags. If one sentence didn't have a punchline you can be pretty confident the next one would. Moore's hugely winning comedy calling card is very much quips with everything.

Glenn Moore picture ©Dessau (not that anybody would want to use this image unless it's for an article about how not to take live pictures)

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