Latitude 2021 Review – Sophie Duker

Sorry there is no picture of Sophie Duker in action to accompany this review. On arrival at the Comedy Arena – previously a tent but now without any sides to make it you-know-what safer – it was so full that this is the closest I could get to the stage. It would have been nice to have seen Duker but it didn't matter too much. The crisp amplification made her loud and clear and in the heat it was nice to chill out at the back for a change.

If Latitude was a test of how Duker would go down in front of a crowd that had not paid specifically to see her it was a test that she passed with flying colours. Then again, to be fair, the Latitude crowd is probably the most benign, easy-going audience you are ever like to get. The white middle aged, middle class men were probably laughing the loudest at her jokes – and there were lots of them – about while middle aged, middle class men.

Elsewhere Duker mixed jokes about race and sexuality and the joys of Jamie T and material from her breakthrough show Venus with more topical gags about the "global pannacotta". And of course she had to have her say about Dominic Cummings, whose title of most wincemaking white middle aged middle class man in the UK had recently been stolen by Matt Hancock after his snogging video came out.

All in all it was a pretty perfect short and punchy set from Duker. The only downside for her was that later that day she posted on social media that she had lost her precious yellow woven jacket from Ghana that she had been wearing for the gig. Sorry we can't post a photo of it here as we didn't manage to take a picture of Duker that wasn't just a dot in the distance, but if anyone left Latitude with an extra yellow jacket please contact Duker via Twitter at the address below (where you can also see a picture of the jacket).

Follow Sophie Duker on Twitter here.

Picture ©Dessau


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