Daniel Kitson Beats The Bandcamp Hackers

Don't Buy From Daniel Kitson's Bandcamp

Daniel Kitson's bandcamp account is safely back in his hands now following it being hacked.

Last week we reported that Kitson was asking fans not to buy his product from the site, but he has now confirmed that the problem has been resolved.

He wrote on his Newsletter: "I was lucky enough to have a couple of people who work at bandcamp on my mailing list and they actually sorted it all within a day and covered the money snaffled by the fraudster so everything is fine in that regard and is actually another indication that Bandcamp do seem to be a pretty sound organisation - which is nice.

Sorry for the delay in letting you know. There were two (2) reasons for this:

(1) I didnt want to keep bombarding you with emails, every day.

(b) I thought i’d do some online shows in June to fill the time before my second Jab and also fund my ongoing monthly payments to countless charities*. So my thinking was that i’d hold off for a couple of days to get those sorted and announce them at the same time.

However those shows (whilst almost inevitable) are still not sorted** and then a few people emailed to ask whether it was safe to buy from bandcamp now. So i though i should write to say that it is, in fact not only safe but strongly advisable and you can click here to do so." 


**- It’s possible i’ve been googling sofas and cars and thinking of things to do with butter."

Here is that link to the real Daniel Kitson bandcamp account again.

editor's note - any strange numbering or punctuation above is how Kitson wrote it. That's apparently how he rolls.







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