News: Comedy Writer Writes Book

David Quantick

Comedy writer David Quantick is working on a novel entitled The Mule and is looking for funding via publishers Unbound. According to the author "it’s a book about a book. It’s also about murder, violence, Paris and just a little bit of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. When a book with photos of a murdered lady appears, this very worried (and very not dead) lady turns to translator Jacky for help."

David Quantick has had an illustrious career as a writer, starting out as a journalist on the New Musical Express in the 1980s before moving into televsion and radio comedy. He wrote quips and comedy songs for shows such as Spitting Image and The Day Today and in recent years he has written for numerous acclaimed series including The Thick of It and Veep. He also wrote a comedy drama, Snodgrass, which was screened on Sky Arts in 2013 and reviewed here. To be perfectly honest he is so successful I don't know why he is bothering with this novel but I have every confidence that it will be very good. It is not his first novel. He wrote an e-book, entitled Sparks in 2012, which Neil Gaiman loved. You can pledge your support and read an excerpt from Mules here.

David Quantick also has another book, How To Write Everything, coming out in October. Go on, order that here.


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