News: Franken, Hill, Buckley Hill & Slayer Win Barry Awards

Will Franken has won Best Performer in the inaugural Barry Awards, the new prize for Fringe performers voted for by Fringe performers. Bec Hill, who set out to write an award-winning show after she drunkenly told the Superman actor Dean Cain that she was an award winner, won the award for Best Show*And Peter Buckley Hill and Bob Slayer tied for the award for Best Person.  Here is a full list of the results, plus quotes from the winners.


Bec Hill: Ellipsis


“I’ve never won an award – so I don’t know how to react in this situation! My whole show is about how I’ve never won an award – and now you have all screwed it! Seriously, thank you all so much.”

Aunty Donna

Funz and Gamez

Joseph Morpurgo: Odessa Knightmare Live

2. Best Performer category


Will Franken

“I’m touched. This award represents the true spirit of the fringe – the rock and roll aspect of it – from the performers. It means a lot. Thank you.”


John Kearns

Sean McLoughlin

Spencer Jones

Trygve Wakenshaw


3. Best Person category


Peter Buckley Hill: page1image12936 page1image13096

QUOTE: “Anybody who thinks I’m a good person does not know me – thank you for all these mistaken people!”

Bob Slayer (pictured)

QUOTE: “I’m the best person at the Fringe! It’s all lies. Lovely lies. Thank you everyone who voted.”


Alex Petty

Damian Clark

Renata Brightman 

The awards were set up by comedians Barry Ferns, who regularly hosts Angel Comedy in London, and Gareth Morinan, who is best known for being the barista in the final epiode of the IT Crowd who is hit by a car with boobs on the front.

*Bec Hill also received a Three Weeks Editor's Award for her children's show with Tom Goodliffe. 'Bec And Tom's Awesome Laundry'.

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