Live Review: Miles Jupp, Bloomsbury Theatre
Miles Jupp is one of what seems to be an ever-growing band of gigging comedians who are talking about their recent brushes with death-by-ill-health. There's Richard Herring, Rhod Gilbert, Laura Smyth... more
 Unfrosted is streaming on Netflix now.  Picture: Netflix
I didn't rush to watch Unfrosted, directed by and starring Jerry Seinfeld, for a number of reasons. The star/director has said and done a few things recently that I don't entirely agree with and I... more
Book Review: Not That I'm Bitter - A Truly, Madly, Funny Memoir by Helen Lederer
Why aren't we tuning in to BBC One on a Saturday night tio watch The Paul Tonkinson Comedy Roadshow? Why isn't Adam Bloom the host of The 1% Club? It has always been a mystery why some acts hit the... more
Theatre Review: The Government Inspector, Marylebone Theatre
One of the first proper plays I ever saw was an adaptation of Gogol's The Government Inspector starring Rik Mayall at the National Theatre back in (thank you Google) 1985. Alongside Mayall, already a... more
Brighton Fringe Review: Dave Fensome, Laughing Horse @ Caroline Of Brunswick (Work In Progress)
Enjoying works in progress has become something of a side quest at the Brighton Fringe over the years, running with a good lead up to the Megaguirus that is the Edinburgh Fringe. Perfect timing to be... more
Book Review: Rebel Rising By Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson’s image has been of breaking the mould from the very first time she burst onto our international screens, in a pair with Matt Lucas, bickering as Kristen Wiig’s nightmare sibling... more
TV Review: Dinosaur, BBC One & iPlayer
The second sitcom to launch this week that's named after an extinct beasts – see also Mammoth – is Dinosaur. It is also the second sitcom in recent weeks following Big Mood that tackles a mental... more
TV Review: Mammoth, BBC Two & iPlayer
Typical. You wait ages for a new BBC sitcom named after a huge extinct creature and then two come along in the same week. I'll be writing about Ashley Storrie's Dinosaur later but first we must... more
Review: An Evening With The Fast Show, Adelphi Theatre
At the start of An Evening With The Fast Show Charlie Higson suggested that catchphrases in themselves are not intrinsically funny. But through a combination of repetition and a talented performer... more
Spencer Jones And Will Adamsdale Set Up Exeter Comedy Festival
The most famous comedy routine about moving to the country is Stewart Lee's riff about his friends losing their marbles in the middle of bucolic splendour and asking vistors to bring cocaine. Lee's... more
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