nish kumar football gogglebox
Underbelly****Nish Kumar is the kind of genial, warm, chatty comedian that makes you feel immediately relaxed. He is a safe pair of hands in the best of senses. Intelligent and amiable and never... more
bobby mair
Just The Tonic at The Tron***Comedy is all about timing and I think somebody got the timing seriously wrong with London-based Canadian Bobby Mair. This scruffy, potty-mouthed, debauched,... more
the world's end
I finally managed to see The World's End last night. Not at a press screening but in a normal cinema with normal people. Or as normal as people in Brixton get. I was expecting to sit there irritated... more
eddie izzard
Normally when I go to Latitude I plan my assault on the Festival with the precision of Montgomery planning El Alamein. Spreadsheets and marker pens have been involved. Frankly though this is easier... more
It's directed by Christopher "Spinal Tap" Guest, it stars homme du jour Chris O'Dowd. What could possibly go wrong with Family Tree? I've just watched the first episode and I'm totally... more
There is a lot riding on Pappy's new BBC3 sitcom Badults. The much-loved sketch combo has already had two tries at transferring their lunatic stage sensibility, doing a pair of C4 Comedy Lab pilots,... more
peter rosengard
Peter Rosengard has already told the story of his involvement in the alternative comedy boom in Didn't You Kill My Mother-in-Law? This new autobiography by the legendary life insurance salesman shows... more
arthur strong
Update 14/9/13 – Good to see the first series of Count Arthur Strong getting a quick Saturday night repeat run at 7.30pm from tonight. It could be the perfect feet-up, cup-of-tea Dad's Army-type slot... more
hal cruttenden
For Hal Cruttenden's latest tour dates click here."Please see Hal, he's really good this year." Typical hype from a promoter I thought when I was advised to see Hal Cruttenden's show Tough... more
jake and amir
Dude where's your set? How do you review a show that is barely a show? That's the problem with Jake and Amir's first visit to the Soho Theatre. The American duo have a huge, insatiable online fanbase... more


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