David Brent
I haven't quite worked out the purpose of YouTube's first ever Comedy Week yet. If it is about trying to get more people to watch YouTube that would seem like a fairly futile exercise. A bit like a... more
brian gittins
With bands constantly reuniting maybe the next stage in the comedy-as-rock-and-roll phenomenon is for double acts to reunite. Not much chance of Baddiel and Newman getting back together though as... more
russell howard
Russell Howard's Good News can hardly be called one of TV's best kept secrets. It has regularly topped the BBC3 ratings and is one of the most viewed programmes on iPlayer. It was voted BBC3's Best... more
mitch benn
As fans of musical satire on Radio 4 may well have heard, Mitch Benn is only half the man he was. After being overweight for most of his life the Liverpool-born all-rounder decided he did not want to... more
jack dee
If anyone can get the filming of a stand-up DVD right at the Hammersmith Apollo it must be Jack Dee's people. His management company is behind Live at the Apollo so know all the right angles. This... more
Frost on Sketch shows
Sunday Sept 1, 2013. I just heard on the radio that Sir David Frost had died so googled myself to see if I'd ever interviewed him – it's easier than using one's memory these days. I hadn't but I had... more
eddie izzard
Eddie Izzard is the latest big name to be added to the Latitude Festival, which takes place from July 18 - 21. Full line-up and ticket details here.Here is my review of Eddie Izzard's latest show,... more
nina conti
Ventriloquist Nina Conti has always been an intriguing performer. Whereas an arena-filler like Jeff "I Kill You!" Dunham plays the genre largely for easy laughs, Conti is more ambitious, constantly... more
michael mcintyre
This is a week bookended by Michael McIntyre, so if you are like the wag who just posted "thanks for the warning" on my Facebook page and maybe don't appreciate rapidfire, smiley observational... more
terry alderton
"The apotheosis of comic dislocation". It's a description I once read about the Chuckle Brothers, but I think it could just as easily describe Terry Alderton. What on earth is going on in the Essex... more


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