henry paker
Underbelly*** Great show, shame about the critic. Henry Paker's set was one of those hours that put me in a difficult position. It is packed full of jokes, wry, offbeat observations and physical... more
Arthur Smith
The Pleasance*****There are Edinburgh Fringe legends and then there is Arthur Smith. But you'll have to be either quick or an insomniac to catch Smith at this year's Fringe. His updated version of... more
big school
School's in for summer. Jack Whitehall's Bad Education is due back soon on BBC3 and Greg Davies has a class act, Man Down, coming on C4. But first out of the changing rooms is Big School, which... more
james acaster
The Pleasance**** There are comedians who shoot out gags like machine gun fire and then there is James Acaster. The slow burn Kettering stand-up bagged a Foster's Comedy Award nomination for his... more
secret edinburgh
We are now halfway through this year's Edinburgh Fringe and if you are planning to come during the thrilling second half there is one thing you should get hold of. Not a ticket for the best shows.... more
david trent
Pleasance Dome****It's that tricky second show syndrome that all acts who are good enough to get some acclaim for their debut Edinburgh set go through, David Trent picked up a Best Newcomer... more
alan partridge
I finally managed to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa yesterday. For a film that has topped the box office charts it didn't feel like a big hit. There were about six people in the cinema, but then it... more
The Pleasance****They say that sequels are never as good as the originals. I guess they hadn't seen The Wrestling II...I'm not sure what the link is between wrestling and comedy, but it seems to work... more
claudia O'Doherty
The Pleasance***Claudia O'Doherty's shows are certainly different. Last year's Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated show The Telescope played around with the time-space continuum and featured O'Doherty... more
chastity butterworth
Assembly Roxy***Character comedy hasn't had a really good run on the Fringe since the breakthroughs of Otis Lee Crenshaw and Al Murray over a decade ago, but it is still alive and kicking if you look... more


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