David Brent
Update 7/3/14. David Brent has announced new UK dates for his band Foregone Conclusion. They will play Oxford New Theatre on May 14 and Hammersmith Apollo on May 16 & 17. Tickets will go on sale... more
andrew maxwell
Caling a comedian  a "safe pair of hands" might sound like a negative criticism, but in the case of seasoned campaigner Andrew Maxwell it is very much a positive. The diminutive Dubliner is the... more
pajama men
Is it a play or is it comedy? That's the cry that goes up whenever New Mexico supremos Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez bring another show to London. This latest piece does little to clarify the... more
Adam Hills
It is a proven scientific fact that it is impossible not to like Adam Hills. When the host of C4's The Last Leg filmed his new DVD at the Hammersmith Apollo there was a bit of a cock-up on the... more
Reginald D Hunter
Crazy hair, controversial opinions. No, not Russell Brand, but Reginald D Hunter. The soft-spoken American hit the front pages earlier this year for using the word "nigger" during a set at the PFA's... more
It's been business as usual for Russell Brand in the last few weeks. A kerfuffle on Newsnight where Jeremy Paxman called the guest editor of The New Statesman "trivial" and had a go at him for... more
ross noble
Ross Noble is one of those genre-busting stand-ups who does not slot naturally into a Live at the Apollo-shaped box. His flights of fancy have been welcome on Have I Got News for You but he has... more
Whenever I write about how good Daniel Kitson is there is a comedian who always comments on it, as if I am prone to over-egging the Kitson cake. Well, I'm afraid that comic might as well stop reading... more
Typical. You wait ages for a sitcom about an unhinged actor and then two pitch up. Hot on the heels of Count Arthur Strong comes Matt Berry as Steven Toast, first seen in a C4 pilot in 2012. And... more
piff the magic dragon
Magic and comedy have become familiar bedfellows in recent years with the likes of Pete Firman, Barry & Stuart, Chris Cox and, of course, Derren Brown blending and blurring genres with notable... more


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