We all know about posh comedians. There are probably more privately educated stand-ups around at the moment than there were boarding school alumni at the BAFTAS. I don’t need to list the names. But... more
I went to see the play Jeepers Creepers at the Leicester Square Theatre a couple of weeks ago. It was no classic and received some pretty poor reviews. Some critics could not help mention that there... more
Yesterday Will Franken, along with Grainne Maguire, Stephen Bailey, Trevor Lock, Lou Sanders and John Robertson, took part in an afternoon of comedy in cars supporting Uber's lift-sharing scheme... more
Chortle has reported that Paddy McGuinness and Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon are working on a sketch show for ITV1.According to the story a test episode is being shot next month.We've tried very... more
Top Ten Comedy Gigs 2015Well everybody is at it so I might as well join in. Here are my top ten comedy gigs of 2015. It was a tough list to compile and particularly tough to put into an order.... more
Last time I looked the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Meet Your Second Wife sketch had had around 300,000 views. The five-minute Saturday Night Live clip has now topped a million. It seems to have struck... more
The news that this week’s Time Out will be the last one to feature a dedicated comedy section has been greeted with understandable gnashing and wailing from the comedy fraternity. It came as a... more
I know I spend most of my time as a critic judging comedy but in recent weeks I really feel as if I have been judging comedy. I’ve been a panellist at two comedy competitions and reviewed another one... more
I went to see Bill Bailey at the Vaudeville Theatre last night. I reviewed the show for the Evening Standard and gave it four stars. During a brief email exchange with a sub-editor I mentioned that... more
Arnab Chanda
This is an edited version of an excellent piece by BBC producer/writer/actor Arnab Chanda. If you like it read the full article here. Throughout my life, even though we’ve never met, Aziz... more


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