Steve Pemberton
Be still my beating heart. Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith return to our screens with Inside No 9, six self-contained comedies with some delicious shocks and surprises. They talk about the... more
Red Dwarf
It’s not a sentence that you hear every day - “Excuse me, I must go and get rubberised” - except in certain Soho clubs. Or if you are visiting the Red Dwarf set at Shepperton Studios and talking to... more
House of Fools
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer return to our screens on Jan 14 with their new sitcom House of Fools. Read a preview of the programme here. BTJ spoke to Bob Mortimer about the programme, which co-stars... more
Mark Steel
Mark Steel is currently on tour with his "In Town" show in which he researches the area he is performing in and makes the show specific to that place. The veteran comic has recently been keen to do... more
Martin Freeman in Sherlock
Actors who appear in hit sitcoms often have difficulties shaking off the role that makes their name. Beyond The Joke recently wrote about the way that Father Dougal still casts a shadow over Ardal O'... more
I came across my interview with Benedict Cumberbatch from The Times, November 2007, in my archive and thought it might be of some interest. Back then Cumberbatch was a fast-rising star of stage and... more
Bill Burr
I don't know if they have a secret installation hidden somewhere underground in America where they keep turning out brilliant comedians, but Bill Burr (picture by Koury Angelo) is the latest superb... more
nick helm
Update 3/1/14. As we say below, 2014 looks like being a good year for Nick Helm. His BBC3 series Uncle starts later this month and he has just been nominated for The Times South Bank... more
hello ladies
Stephen Merchant's new sitcom, Hello Ladies, in which he plays lonely Brit Stuart Pritchard looking for love in LA, is on Sky Atlantic on Wednesdays at 10pm from October 16. You can read more about... more
I've interviewed Rik Mayall a few times and he was probably just as odd before his major quad bike crash as after it. This interview dates from 2003, five years after his accident, and while the chat... more
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