Interview: James Acaster on Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer


James Acaster talks – briefly – about The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer. I think they might have caught him when he had other things on his mind.


Can you bake?

No I cannot.


Who taught you?

My mother and sister tried to.


What is your own personal signature dish?

Ben & Jerrys.


Are you a bake off fan?



Who do you want to impress the most? Paul or Prue?

Prue. She’s the real deal.


Who’s your biggest competition?

[Russel] Tovey.


Have you had any baking disasters?

No and I don’t intend to start in the tent.


What’s your strength in your baking?

Belief in myself.


Are you more likely to get a Hollywood Handshake or a Soggy Bottom?

Hollywood Handshake. Multiple.


Why are you supporting Stand Up to Cancer?

Because we will all be affected by cancer in life and encouraging people to bake is cool.


Have you practised your bakes for today?

Not really.


Are you competitive? Do you want to be star baker?

Nope. I’m just chasing my own PB.


How do you feel about the technical challenge? Are you good under pressure?

I’ll be fine as long as it’s easy. I’m great under pressure.


Are you a traditionalist or do you like experimenting with food?

Experiment always,


If you were a baked good, what would you be?

Jam-filled donut. Soft on the outside. Softer on the inside.

Interview supplied by C4. James Acaster appears in episode two which airs on C4 at 8pm on Tuesday March 12. The other contestants are Michelle Keegan, Russell Tovey and Rylan Clark-Neal.



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