Justin Moorhouse is a very funny bloke who makes something very hard look very easy. I met him backstage at a comedy event in Wales earlier this year and he made me laugh more times in the green room... more
Every couple of years I sit down at my laptop and write the words "why isn't Boothby Graffoe a household name?". It's that time again. I don't like to use the word genius but I'll happily use it when... more
I'm sure I was not the first person to say that Nunhead-based American Lewis Schaffer is like a real-life Rupert 'King of Comedy' Pupkin and I doubt if I will be the last. But things are changing. In... more
Michael Smiley
As long as you’ve hit the save key on your Apple Mac you’ll never lose anything. Yeah, right. That’s not what happened here. In late 2013 I interviewed the hardest working man in showbiz Michael... more
Matt Berry
I interviewed Matt Berry last month at Channel 4's offices near Victoria to tie in with the new series of Toast, which goes out on C4 on Wednesdays at 10.30pm. You can read the Evening Standard... more
Adam Buxton
You should all know Adam Buxton. From his TV and radio work with Joe Cornish, his appearances in films such as Hot Fuzz and Stardust or his marvellously childish yet gloriously clever multi-media... more
james Acaster
The last time I saw James Acaster someone walked in late carrying two pints of lager and Acaster just went “Legend”. It seemed so out of character and out of context during his finely honed latest... more
Nick Helm
Maverick promoter Bob Slayer has taken over the basement space of 27c Throgmorton Street in the City of London again for another Grotto Festival from December 1 to 21. Listings here. Highlights... more
Beth Vyse
Hello surrealism, meet breast cancer. Beth Vyse's As Funny As Cancer is one of the strangest, loveliest comedy shows I’ve seen in a long while. It takes a degree of skill, courage and also... more
Andrew Maxwell
If you look up Comedian's Comedian in a decent dictionary you will probably see a picture of Andrew Maxwell (the one here is by Richard Hardcastle). The Irish stand-up is one of our finest performers... more


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