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News: First Details Of Sharon Horgan And Rob Delaney In New Series Of Catastrophe

Written by and starring Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, Catastrophe has received universal critical acclaim and a raft of awards since launching in 2015.  All three series have a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (representing the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or TV show) while series three launched on Channel 4 in 2017 to its biggest audience to date.

News: Women On The Verge Comes To TV Via Sharon Horgan

UKTV has partnered with RTÉ to bring Women on the Verge a new six-part scripted drama which will air on UKTV's premium entertainment channel, W in the UK and RTÉ in Ireland. 


TV: Motherland, BBC2

The pilot of Motherland went out last year and was one of the best pilots I've seen in recent memory. But then that's no surprise.

TV Review: Catastrophe, Series 3 Episode 2

I'm not surprised last Tuesday's edition of The Nightly Show fronted by David Walliams struggled in the ratings. Breaking news of the discovery of intelligent life on Mars (or in the White House) would struggle if scheduled opposite Inside No 9 and Catastrophe. So it'll be interesting to see how John Bishop's Tuesday show this week will do.

TV Review: Catastrophe, Series 3

The honeymoon is definitely over. Series three of Catastrophe picks up at the point where Rob has found a receipt for the morning after pill. In an earlier scene at the end of Series 2 Sharon had drunkenly ended up with a younger, frankly sexier-than-Rob man. So where do they go from here?

As I said the honeymoon is definitely over for the fiery couple. And in a way it feels as if the honeymoon is over for the series too. This is certainly not a backlash review, but this episode feels darker and more serious than before.

Interview: "She was just a wonderful, wonderful person." Sharon Horgan & Rob Delaney on Carrie Fisher And Catastrophe.

We left series two on something of a cliffhanger, with Rob about to speak following his discovery of Sharon’s receipt. Where do we pick it up from?

Rob: Right then. Exactly then.

Sharon: Yeah, it’s from exactly that moment.

Did you know what Rob was about to say, when you shot the end of series one, or did you still have to work that out?

News: Catastrophe Series 3 Transmission Details Revealed

The transmission date of the third series of hit sitcom Catastrophe, starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, has been revealed.

The award-winning C4 show will return to TV screens in the UK for a new series on Tuesday, February 28.

Details were revealed at a special screening in London where Delaney and Horgan were interviewed by journalist Sali Hughes. It was also revealed that the late Carrie Fisher, who played Rob's mother in the series, will make one of her final TV appearances in the sixth episode.


TV Review: Divorce, Sky Atlantic

I’m sure I read somewhere that Sharon Horgan writes about the stages of life she has gone through. So there was Pulling, then Catastrophe and, more recently the team effort Motherland, which is being turned into a series after a brilliant pilot. So what does that say about Divorce, her collaboration with its star Sarah Jessica Parker for HBO?


TV Review: Catastrophe, C4, Episode 2

I’m worried. You want to know what I’m worried about? I’m worried that I’m going to run out of new nice things to say about Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s screwy screwball relationship comedy (with occasional screwing). And I’m worried that I might run out of different pictures to run with each glowing review. So far this gem of a show, now quickly into its second series, has not put a foot wrong.

TV, Catastrophe, C4

I feel as if I have been waiting most of my life for a comedy that reflected my romantic experiences as an adult. And then finally along comes Catastrophe starring and written by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, which feels so well-informed about my relationship with my partner and also my friends and nearest and dearest that I’m starting to think they’ve bugged my phone, hacked my computer and, at this very moment, are watching me through binoculars from the house over the road. 


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