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News: Live Show And Book From Room Next Door Man Michael Spicer

Michael Spicer, the man behind the Room Next Door online phenomenon, is to appear live in a special show.

He will be performing Michael Spicer: The Room Next Door at Oxford Playhouse on 21st November, 2020.

In the show Spicer talks about making comedy under the radar, his viral hits of the past and his latest Room Next Door sketches.


Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door On Donald Trump

Well, this has got the weekend off to a cracking start. With a twist.

Watch the Room Next Door below.



Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door And Priti Patel and Yvette Cooper

Watch Michael Spicer's latest Room Next Door satire in which he skewers Priti Patel being interviewed about immigration and Covid19 by Yvette Cooper and not having very up-to-date figures. Contains a spoof of The Professionals. 



Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door On Dominic Raab Taking The Knee

How did Dominic Raab do so badly when he wasasked on telelvsion about taking the knee? Find out by watching the video below which gives us some unique background on the interview.

You can find out more about Michael Spicer and his Room Next Door phenomenon by listening to this recent Radio 4 documentary, Before Next Door.



Video: Michael Spicer's Room Next Door And Matt Hancock

Michael Spicer rather brillaintly nails Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock in his latest Room Next Door instalment.


Watch The Room Next Door below.


Video: Michael Spicer In The Room Next Door – Priti Patel's Daily Briefing

You maye have already caught Michael Spicer's sharply satirical Room Next Door sketches on social media or James Corden's show. He was also one of the highlights of the first edition of the BBC's lockdown sketch show Comedians: Home Alone, which airs on Mondays at 10pm on BBC2.

In this latest sketch his increasingly frustrated aide attempts to give Priti Patel tips during a Daily Briefing. But getting her to get a number right or say sorry is not as easy as you might think...



News: Radio Show Tells Story Of Room Next Door Man Michael Spicer

Radio 4 is to broadcast a programme telling the story of viral sensation Michael Spicer, better known as the Room Next Door Man, the comic creation who tries to advise public figures what to say with varying degrees of success.

Michael Spicer: Before Next Door will air on Radio 4 on Thursday 18 June at 11pm and tells the story of what happens when a socially awkward and neurotic part-time comedian becomes a global internet sensation.


News: Book Deal For Room Next Door Man Michael Spicer

Comedian Michael spiver, who has become an online sensation thanks to his satirical Room Next Door clips, is to publish a book.

Canongate is to publishThe Secret Political Adviser.

The book imagines the life of a secret political adviser "working with clients such as Boris Johnson, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump".

It will be published on October 1.



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