News: First Look At Emma Thompson In Upstart Crow Christmas Special

Here's a first look at the Christmas special edition of Upstart Crow featuring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare and Emma Thompson as Queen Elizabeth i.

In the special edition entitled A Christmas Crow, the Shakespeare’s are planning a lovely cosy Christmas with just the family up in Stratford. Until Kit (Tim Downie) manages to wangle himself an invitation to join them. And then so does Kate (Gemma Whelan). And then so does Robert Green (Mark Heap), who claims he has given up evil scheming and is ready to spread peace and goodwill to all mankind. But has he really suddenly gone all nice?

Meanwhile Will (David Mitchell) has been rehearsing his latest play ready for it to be performed before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (Emma Thompson) as part of her Christmas festivities. But will he make the right impression on the Queen? And does his play Eighth Night actually need a bit more work?

Upstart Crow will be on BBC Two on Christmas Day, December 25, at 8.25pm.


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