News: Joanna Lumley To Tour In 2018

Joanna Lumley has announced her first ever live tour. It’s All About Me will see the Absolutely Fabulous star, actress and comedian hit the road for a 30-date tour, starting on the 6 October 2018 at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

She will discuss her lengthy career, recounting some never before heard stories and will be joined onstage by friend and producer Clive Tulloh, who will ask Joanna questions submitted by the audience.

“The thought of this tour next year, travelling across the British Isles and Ireland, has completely taken over my waking hours,” Lumley announces. “It’s utterly thrilling to start planning the stories I can tell, and the rapture (and gratitude, to be fair) with which I shall greet the audiences. Nothing like this has come my way before, and I may have to be dragged off with a hook at the end of each show. Oh people! This is especially for you from me, with masses of love. I think it will be fabulous.”

Lumley, who first emerged on screens in New Avengers in 1976, is now a national icon, activist and actor. The tour will take audiences through her random journey that started in London in the swinging ’60s and has since taken her around the world.

Starting her career as a model and muse, Joanna Lumley has since starred in Coronation StreetOn The BusesDracula and as a Bond Girl in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Following her breakthrough role as Purdey in New Avengers, she starred as Patsy in the hit comedy series Absolutely Fabulous.

Her activism has also taken her around the world, including finding the source of the Nile.

This intimate night with Joanna tells some of these tales and more as fans gallop through almost 50 years in showbusiness.

Tickets are available now here.

Dates here.

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