News: Are You Feline Generous? Bob Mortimer Auctions Cat Print For Charity

Comedian Bob Mortimer has teamed up with Cats Protection to auction a one-off signed print to help the charity raise much-needed funds.
The A1 sized artwork will be sold on eBay, with the three-day auction kicking off at midday on Friday 24 November.
The print is part of a collaboration between Bob and online gift company Wordynumnum, who have been producing limited edition cat name prints signed by Bob since July this year, with a portion of each sale going to Cats Protection.
Bob explained: “I’m a big cat lover and have always had them in my life so it’s great to be supporting Cats Protection, which does so much to help unwanted moggies. I have two cats at the moment, called Goodmonson and Mavis, but I love naming cats and am always calling them different things every day. I initially started jokingly ‘selling’ suggested cat names on Twitter and then began working with Wordynumnum to produce a series of signed prints featuring the names I’d made up, but in the shape of cats."  

“The picture thats being auctioned for Cats Protection is a one-off, though, so I’m hoping it raises a good amount to help our feline friends.”

The proceeds of these prints, plus the full amount generated by the auction, will help the charity look after the thousands of cats in its care at any one time.
“We really hope that lots of people will get bidding to win this unique signed print,” added Cats Protection spokesperson, Cat Jarvis.
“£250 would feed 15 cats for 3 months, so every penny really will be hugely appreciated. And with Christmas coming up, this print would make the perfect gift for any Bob Mortimer fan.”
Bidding closes at midday on Monday 27 November. Bid here.


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