Review: Travels With My Father, Episode 3, Netflix

It's episode three of this colourful belated gap year travelogue and Jack Whitehall and his dad Michael are still in Thailand, still having a testy relationship and occasionally bonding

There are some nice moments here when Jack gets to show off his fancy footwork, playing soccer with a team who live on an island and don't even have a grass pitch, they play on a floating pitch surrounded by water, which inevitably Whitehall tumbles into. In fact falling into water seems to be a bit of a theme in this episode as there is a similarly immersive incident later on. In fact two incidents. Even when father and son go kayaking son seems to be spending most of his time in the sea - or "loch" as idiosyncratic daddy calls it 

Elsewhere there is an all-night rave and a meeting with Steven Seagal – at least I think it's Steven Seagal, it could be a waxy robot lookalike – before Jack and Michael head to Cambodia and suffer a bit of culture shock. Even negotiating the border crossing is difficult and things don't get any easier when they arrive and meet up with their monosyllabic guide named Puppet.

This does occasionally, well, frequently, feel on the contrived side but then it's a comedy as well as a documentary. Encounters are played up for obvious comic effect and dad's grumpiness and his offspring's puppyish innocence can be a little repetitive but there is obvious chemistry between them which makes it very watchable. And any initial frostiness seems to be thawing. In fact at times they actually seem to be getting on so well you might even think they are related...

Watch now on Netflix.

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