Video: UKTV Acquires Online Animation Hit The Bruvs

If you haven't encountered them yet online or on Dave late at night meet Doug & Den, aka The Bruvs. The bullet-headed bovver boys are the creation of veteran comedy writer Ian Brown, who has written for Top Gear, Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson and many more, who teamed up with award-winning animation director Eoin Clarke to launch the series online, with a dedicated YouTube channel. Their hope eventually is to emulate US animation juggernauts like South Park, Family Guy or Bojack Horseman – and develop the shorts into more of a sitcom format.

The Bruvs has now become channel Dave’s first comedy animation series after 11 episodes were acquired by UKTV.

Follow London brothers Doug and Den Bruv as they try to go straight and keep their noses clean but generally end up in trouble – often violence – mainly between themselves.

“We started small,” says Brown. “Mainly for budget reasons. In that we barely have one. Our aim is to keep developing the characters with each episode and allow them to grow, turning this into more of an animation sitcom series. We’re not comparing ourselves to the US animated shows yet. But we are very encouraged by reactions to The Bruvs so far. It is very exciting to do the deal with UKTV.” 

Meanwhile, new episodes will continue to be posted exclusively at and on their YouTube channel – while other topical jokes, news and behind the scenes exclusives will be posted on all The Bruvs’ social media sites. 

Watch an episode from their YouTube channel below.



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