TV: Bucket, Episode Three, BBC4

This gentle series starring Miriam Margolyes and Frog Stone reaches its penultimate episode. It is a shame that there are only four parts because it is only just starting to bed in, albeit very slowly. Are Mim (Margolyes) and her daughter Fran (Stone) going to bond in the end? I should imagine so, but things are still a little strained here.

After a quick streak to get it ticked off her bucket list terminally ill septuagarian Mim and Fran are back at buttoned-up cousin Pat’s pristine house for the wedding of her daughter Gemma. But as one might expect things are not going to plan despite Pat's Olympic standard control freakery. Gemma is not quite sure if she wants to go through with the whole thing. It is left to Fran - sporting a moustache after dabbing some fake tan on her upper lip – to do her best to resolve the wedding problem, when it hard enough to resolve issues with Mim in her own life. 

And to complicate matters even further Mim finds out that she is too much of a social embarrassment to have been invited to the actual wedding dinner, she is only allowed to come to the evening party.

The larger-than-life Margolyes, of course, dominates proceedings, but there are nice turns here too from Stone (who created and wrote the series) and also Stephanie Beacham as snooty Pat and Catherine Steadman as her tearful daughter Gemma. Interestingly I don't think there were any men in this episode. Certainly not in any major roles. Is that a TV first? Even Tenko had male actors in it. Bucket meanders a bit, but in a nice way. There is only one episode to go – will the loose ends be tied up before the credits roll or will we be left with a tantalising cliffhanger?

Thursdays, BBC4, 10pm.

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