Preview: The Week Ahead May 27 - June 2


The London comedy scene goes global this week with two shows from visitors from the colonies. Australian comedian Wil Anderson opens at the Soho Theatre on Monday and is there until June 8. Back home Anderson is a pretty big star – slick, smart and very witty, though not entirely averse to dick jokes. He is best known as the host of TV hit The Gruen Transfer, which takes a wry look at the advertising industry and sounds like C4's own short-lived Mad, Bad Ad Show, which it predates, only funnier. Talking of ads, this is Oz comedy a long way from Paul Hogan's Foster's ads which perpetuated the image of the dumb, sun-loving, cork-hatted Aussie bloke. 

Later this week on Thursday, the check-shirted Lumberjacks check in at The Leicester Square Theatre for three nights as part of their UK tour. I don't expect Stewart Francis, Craig Campbell or Glenn Wool to be chopping down many trees though in WC2. Instead they will be doing short, pithy, contrasting sets. This is a nice idea, reuniting three performers who have known each other for years and know their job inside out. Francis is Canada's very own Tim Vine-style punmeister, but here will be combining ingenious one-liners with longer yarns and compering duties. Campbell is the laid back West Country-based mountain man. I last saw him supporting Frankie Boyle and thought he was the better act, with a great line in comparing healthcare and policing in the UK to versions he has encountered abroad. Wool is another well-travelled Canuck, with more of a political axe to grind. No axes tonight though, because as I said, there is no tree-chopping. Just a forest of fun.

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