News: Eddie Izzard to play Latitude

eddie izzard

Eddie Izzard is the latest big name to be added to the Latitude Festival, which takes place from July 18 - 21. Full line-up and ticket details here.

Here is my review of Eddie Izzard's latest show, first published in the Evening Standard here.


Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeure show is an intelligent, brash, confident affair. Following a slick crimefighter-style filmed intro the marathon man hit the ground running with a pacey riff on human sacrifice that moved quickly from dancing yaks to Charles I to Richard The Lionheart: “The David Beckham of Kings.”

Some ideas headed down comedic dead ends and there were some predictable skits, such as his dressage dissection pinpointing the absurdity of this Olympic event, but there was also plenty of vintage Izzard, his distinctive view of history fused to his trademark Pythonesque whimsy in neat little solo sketches. Eddie devotees will love his God and Darth Vader squabbling over carbonara, which nicely recalled his early Star Wars routine.

Elsewhere the “radical moderate” with Mayoral ambitions addressed our apparent slide “towards extremism” alongside thoughts on religion and the monarchy. But it was his mime of a mole bumping into gold underground that got the biggest laugh and reminded us of his skill at unearthing 24 carat comedy.



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