News: Comedy Central Launches Motivational Pep Talks From Rosie Jones, Bobby Mair, Thanyia Moore, KG tha Comedian, Munya Chawawa,

News: Comedy Central Lsunches Motivational Pep Talks From Rosie Jones, Bobby Mair, Thanyia Moore, KG tha Comedian, Munya Chawawa,

Comedy Central has announced the launch date for a brand new digital short-form series MOTHER F**KING PEP TALK.

The series will see a line-up of comedians deliver comedic motivational pep talks straight down the camera. They’ll recall embarrassing experiences they’ve overcome and detail ridiculous techniques they’ve used to cope with the daily grind. 

Each episode will have a different subject covering everything from how to stop comparing yourself to others, how to be a serial skiller, knowing when to ask for help, dealing with your inner critic and how to live, laugh and love!

Rebecca Hewett, Executive Producer commented: "There is no denying that 2020 was rubbish, and that 2021 is looking, well still rubbish! So please join Comedy Central as we get some of the best comedians to give us their best aggressively positive pep talks to help us remember that we can do it! We're so pleased to welcome these hilarious comedians to bring some much needed joy back into our lives."

Each episode will air weekly on Comedy Central’s social channels starting from THURSDAY 14th JANUARY in the UK and will be launching internationally in 2021. The first five episodes will feature pep talks from KG THA COMEDIAN, ROSIE JONES, THANYIA MOORE, BOBBY MAIR and MUNYA CHAWAWA.

Mother F**king Pep Talk will launch on Thursday 14th January 2021 airing weekly on Comedy Central’s social platforms

Rosie Jones is also headlining an online Abnormally Funny People gig at the South Bank Centre on January 17. Find out more about the show here.



14th January
KG tha Comedian: FAILURE = SUCCESS


21st January
Rosie Jones: Stop comparing yourself!


28th January
Thanyia Moore: Drink Your Own Sauce


4th February
Bobby Mair: Ask For Help


11th February

Munya Chawawa: Say it with your motherfucking chest


Production Credits

Executive Producers - Rebecca Hewett, Kerry Taylor, Craig Orr
Producer - Nima Shahmalekpur
Director - Theo Rhys
Development Producer - Emerald Paston
DOP - Joel Honeywell



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