News: Nick Helm Cancels Phoenix From The Flames Tour

News: Nick Helm Cancels Phoenix from The Flames Tour

Nick Helm has cancelled the remaining dates of his Phoenix From The Flames tour.

Nick Helm premiered the show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and received rave reviews for his performance and honesty about his recent mental health struggles. But he has now decided that by the time it is safe to tour again it will be too late to keep going with this show. Instead he would like to move on with a new show reflecting where he is now. 

Helm had extended the tour into 2020 due to demand but having moved the dates to 2021 he has now cancelled them

He explained his decision on Facebook:

"Hi Guys! Some of you (why not more?!?) have expressed disappointment about the cancellation of my retrospectively ironically titled Phoenix From The Flames tour. I’m very sad to say that even this Phoenix can’t rise above Covid19 right now, but don’t despair!

Firstly, you should all get a refund if you haven’t already, there’ll be details in the cancellation email (or with whoever you booked your tickets). Any further queries should be directed at either the theatre you booked with or Live Nation.
Secondly, this was a very personal show that dealt with my battle with mental health issues that I started writing in 2018 & the additional tour dates we added had been delayed from early 2020 last year to next month and was about to be delayed yet again to 2022.
It was a very difficult show to perform emotionally & after much deliberation I’ve decided to draw a line under it rather than tear open 4 year old wounds to get it up & running again. I’ve changed & more importantly, the world has changed from when I first sat down to write it.
Thanks to all those came to see me in Edinburgh & during the initial tour, I’ll come back with a new show once we get this shitstorm in order and realistically there shouldn’t be too much of a delay between when you’d eventually have seen this one & getting the new one out there.
Huge thanks for all your support & understanding & I’ll see you all as soon as I can. As an irrelevant, loud mouthed, stupid, pathetic cunt once said “I love you, you’re all very special”. Xxx"

Read a review of the Nick Helm show here.



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