News: The Comedies That Top Netflix Lockdown Binge Watches

News: The Comedies That Top Netflix Lockdown Binge Watches

Classic comedies including Friends and Peep Show are among the top programmes Netflix subscribers have been re-bingeing on during lockdown.

A new survey carried out by revealed the following results.

Friends is the TV show fans love to rewatch the most - 63% of viewers have replayed the series after completing it.

The second most rewatched TV show is Peep Show, with 59% of TV lovers proudly reliving the season's best moments.

The Office (US) is the third most rewatched series. 55% chose to freshen up on their dose of Michael Scott - with viewers watching 74 hours’ worth to complete all nine seasons. 

In fourth place is Brooklyn found that 53% of entertainment fans replayed the American comedy series after watching it originally.

The fifth most rewatched TV series is RuPaul’s Drag Race, with 51% of us falling back into our guilty pleasure. But with the new season airing, there’s now hours of new content for fans to look forward to!


The rest of the Top Ten is as follows: 

6. The Office (UK) (49%) (pictured)

7.  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (48%)

8. Sex Education (48%)

9. Gilmore Girls (45%)

10. American Horror Story (44%)

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Methodology: surveyed 2,730 TV and entertainment fans around the world, simply asking ‘since March, which of these TV shows have you rewatched after originally completing?’ and providing 70 different multiple-choice options. They also asked ‘which of these newly aired TV shows do you plan on rewatching?’. *Finally, they asked ‘how many times have you rewatched at least one season of your favourite show after originally completing it?’. The survey was completed in January 2021.

Picture: BBC



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