News: Robin Ince's 24 Hour Show Goes Into Extra Time

 News: Robin Ince Returns For Free Christmas Day Show

Robin Ince’s shows have never been known to underrun…Ever.

This past weekend’s hugely successful ground-breaking show (which ran from midday, 12th December to 12.30pm 13th December) was no exception.

The Cosmic Shambles Network team still ended up with an excess of guests that they were unable to squeeze into the allotted time. That means this Saturday Robin is back with an extra chunk of time to make sure that no one is left out.

Guests for this encore include Shambles regular, physicist Dr Helen Czerski, astronaut Tim Peake, The Ugly Animal Preservation Society with comedians Ria Lina and Elf Lyons, biologist Simon Watt and comedy producer and writer John Lloyd, blues singer Femi, statistician Jen Rogers, singer/songwriter Penfriend, marine biologist Helen Scales and many more.


Dates: Saturday, 19th Dec 2020

Time: 7pm

Info here.

Highlights from last weekend’s show (which was watched by over 30,000 people and raised over £23,000 for charity) included - 

  • The audience teamed up with Chris Lintott to discover a new supernova that effects the age of the known Universe (
  • Steve Pretty created a charity song from audience submissions and edits from the show ( He also created a unique, world first robot band with instruments on stage being played remotely by his bandmates located all around the country. 
  • Matt Kemp illustrated the entire show in real time. Pictures of his amazing mural can be seen on The Cosmic Shambles Network’s twitter feed and will be available to buy for charity.
  • Stewart Lee visited Kings Place dressed as Santa and The CSN version of A Christmas Carol was performed by Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard, Sharon D Clarke, Joel McHale, Mark Gatiss and many more with live music accompaniment throughout.
  • Chatting to four different astronauts and visiting guests on every continent including Antarctica.
  • Helen Czerski started and ended the show from the Prime Meridian, Greenwich and previewed the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures with Prof Chris Jackson.
  • Prof Brian Cox discussed the year in physics and Josh Idehen and Jim Moray debuted brand new poems and music.
  • Surprise guests included Robert Smith of The Cure (performing 3 songs from the bands album, Seventeen Seconds, for its 40th anniversary), Tim Minchin chatting and playing his Christmas song White Wine in the Sun, and Harry Hill closing the show by singing My Way backwards.
  • Highlights from the show will be available to watch on The CSN’s website and YouTube channel soon for those that missed the show, or simply want to relive the fun.


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