Video: Christmas With Corona

Video: Christmas With Corona

Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year. A Christmas with a guest that none of us invited. It’s going to beChristmas with Corona.

So award-winning comedy writer/director/performer Andy Wooding brings this sizzlingly silly, soul-warming single to the world in aid of charity Age UK.

This video shows Andy in character as English-French-German-Italian-American-Irish-Canadian-Spanish singer-songwriter Jorge Hordestadt and his backing singers The Little Brick Walls lounging around a festively decorated living room lamenting the loneliness of Christmas 2020 alongside the need to keep each and everyone of us safe. 

The catchiest anthem of Christmas this year was borne out of Wooding’s desire to uplift the people of Britain – especially those spending it alone :

“Many, many people around the world won’t be able to be together physically this Christmas. The song is a cheery lament and a reminder that we can still be together at Christmas, just not in the way we’d imagined. Let’s help those in need while laughing this off – together.”  

All revenues will go to British charity Age UK who offer support to elderly citizens and work to combat loneliness.

Christmas with Corona will be on all digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify etc) next week.

Watch Christmas With Corona below

Picture by Jordan Cushing



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