News: Christmas Show For Miranda Hart

News: Christmas Show For Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart hosts a new entertainment show full of merriment and mayhem on BBC One, as three celebrity couples join her from the comfort of their own homes to compete in a series of riotous Christmas games.

An expert in the art of homemade mischief, Miranda will lead the celebrity players through a host of outrageous challenges, bringing out their silly sides and competitive spirit for a Christmas games night like no other.

Miranda's Games with Showbiz Names  is produced by Monkey, which is part of NBCUniversal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group for BBC One. It was commissioned by Kate Phillips, Acting Controller BBC One and Jo Wallace, Acting Controller Entertainment Commissioning.

The Commissioning Editor is Syeda Irtizaali. Executive Producers are Andy Charles Smith and Will Macdonald for Monkey. Miranda's Games With Showbiz Names is an iteration of the Celebrity Game Face format, which is created by Critical Content and distributed globally by NBCUniversal Formats, also a division of Universal Studio Group.


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