News: Boris Johnson Book By Nathan Cassidy

News: Boris Johnson Book By Nathan Cassidy
Comedian Nathan Cassidy's new book  RESU яя ECTION  is published and available to buy now on Amazon, in e-book and paperback.
The book is an imaginary three-month diary from Boris Johnson starting in July 2020. With a daily entry for these months of rehabilitation for himself and the country, the diary is a spoof exposé of what is really happening at the height of power as Boris, the UK and the world recovers from Covid-19. 
Some of what is written is a recording of events, some is a satirical take and completely made up. 

Nathan Cassidy is a stand-up comedian/writer. His latest show ‘Observational’ was nominated for Best Show at this year’s Leicester Comedy Festival and was the only live show performed at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe.

Order the book here.

Artwork by Joseph Champniss


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