News: Jess Fostekew Horror Film

A brother and sister try to complete a eulogy for their father's funeral remotely unaware that an anonymous user is about to crash the document. Jessica Fostekew, Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Award nominee, makes her directing debut with a horror short film that had its UK premiere at GrimmFest and USA premiere at Seattle Film Summit, is now released online. The film stars Phoebe Sparrow (Inside No. 9, Downton Abbey) and comedian Stuart Laws.
Shared Document was described by GrimmFest as “a powerful and visceral exploration of the nature of bereavement; the ways in which grief becomes a shadowy presence in your life for months afterwards, creeping around the periphery of everything you do, prostrating you when you least expect it. It's by turns amusing, bone-chilling, and emotionally devastating.”
The 12 minute short was shot in April 2020, with rehearsals and production taking place over video calls and equipment being sent to the actors houses for them to remotely film themselves. Director, Jessica Fostekew, said: “It was a joy to direct such talented bastards, steering their way through such an excellent, intense bit of writing.”
This is the second time Jessica and Stuart have collaborated on a short film, with the 2018 “Nothing Will Help” being written by and starring Jessica and directed by Stuart. Similarly Phoebe and Stuart previously collaborated on the Pleasance play The Journey, which Phoebe starred in and Stuart wrote.

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