News: Two Christmas Specials For Big Zuu

News: Two Christmas Specials For Big Zuu

Dave’s hit series Big Zuu’s Big Eats comes to the channel in December for two seasonal specials. Big Zuu’s Christmas Eats specials each include four guests being treated to a fine festive feast cooked by Big Zuu and his sous chef Hyder and chief taster Tubsey.

For the Comedy Special, stand-up comedians and series one guests Phil Wang, Desiree Burch, Ed Gamble and Rosie Jones return for more of Zuu’s delicious eats but not before he takes them on some festive foraging.  Desiree and Zuu visit a terrifying free-range Turkey farm, while Ed and Phil help Zuu find the perfect Christmas tree and Rosie is in heaven at a cheese restaurant.  The feast begins, to Rosie’s despair, with an alcohol-free cocktail and Snails without the snails.  The group are treated to an epic Christmas sandwich which goes against every fibre of Phil’s bread-hating being and food coma ensues in a heady mix of camembert cheeeze straws and pumpkin pie.

In the Music Special, Big Zuu is joined by some mega musician friends including one of the UK’s biggest rappers AJ Tracey, grime MC JME with his sister and radio presenter Julie Adenuga and hip-hop musician Loyle Carner.  Full of festive conversation, beautifully tuned Christmas carols and rap stars reminiscing, the group catch up around the dinner table while Zuu serves up some Big Zuu Bissap, a V-Gang Gobi Christmas Curry, his take on a next level Christmas dinner and some mouth-watering desserts. 

Catch up on series one on UKTV Play where Big Zuu cooks for comedians including Jimmy Carr, London Hughes, Guz Khan and Josh Widdicombe. 

Not content with just one project, Big Zuu also has some new music out. Reforming once again, to combine their formidable talents; Big Zuu and Capo Lee join forces for their energetic new single Doing Alright out now. Backed by beatmakers ZDot and Krunchie, the two effortlessly trade laser sharp flows, complimenting cadences and fearsome energy. “I’m so gassed to be working with Capo again. Everytime we come together, we create bangers and I feel this record is the same. I hope you enjoy it”. 


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